Republic of the Philippines National Statistics Office and Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc.

Modern and Improved Government-Citizen Services

What if you can empower every Filipino to procure their NSO certificates by phone? What if you can remove the need to travel, to line up and wait? What if you can?

NSO and Teleserv did it.

The Republic of the Philippines' National Statistics Office partnered with Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc. to launch the NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Helpline (02) 737-1111 in June 2000. This is a proprietary service developed for the NSO for the application of Birth/ Marriage/ Death and CENOMAR certificates by telephone integrated with a courier service for the delivery of the document requested to the applicant. Prior to this service an applicant would have to spend one whole day just for the application process and will have to return on another day to claim the document. The implementation of the service provided a convenient, time saving process for the applicant and greatly enhanced the efficiency and image of the NSO to the public.

Innovative Technology. Customer Service.

Teleserv's solution integrate call center technology, business process re-engineering and creative problem solving to address a litany of problems. Since 2000, Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc. has developed innovative integrated customer service solutions that have changed the way Filipino citizens transact with government.

Each challenge is an oppurtunity that requires a unique solution. Our experience in designing and managing Teleservice solutions gives us a proper understanding of the issues at hand and allows us to harness the power and flexibility of available call center technology. As a result, the effective system design and integration with call center technology and strict customer service principles helps in attain operational efficiency effectively.

Teleserving the Nation. One call at a time.

The NSO Birth Certificate Delivery helpline project officially started in June 2000 with the development of a 24 hour call center facility that entertains requests and status updates from anywhere in the country. The center is backed up with a technical infrastructure and support system.

Over the last decade, improvements to the Helpline continued to grow, marked with the initiation of better payment options, faster delivery services, improved and expanded backup systems, extended channels, and enhanced feedback procedures that never stop progressing.

The National Statistics Office's choice of Teleserv as its partner has resulted in the birth of an innovative and effective technology for meeting the primary aspiration of delivering world-class service to citizen and empowerment to NSO and her employees. Teleserv has created services that offer not only convenience but also unmatched value to every Filipino.

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery (02) 737-1111

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